NAB arrests Mufti Ehsan ul Haq in fraud case

| April 18, 2013 | 326 Comments

ISLAMABAD: NAB Rawalpindi Wednesday arrested Mufti Ehsaan ul Haq, Chief Executive M/S Fayyazi Gujranwala Industries Ltd.

“The accused was alleged for corrupt practices by way of cheating public at large by receiving huge volume of funds from general public for inducing in so called business on profit & loss basis,” said a statement issued here.

The accused defrauded an amount of Rs 220 million. He has been arrested and produced before the Accountability Court Rawalpindi.

The Court granted 12 days physical remand for the accused.


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  1. Raja Raheel Abid says:

    i am also the client of FGI.I have invested one lac rupees.i believe that mufti ehsan is doing 100% Halal business for 4/5 years and supporting a millons of families according to islamic sharya.i believe he did not fraud any body even a single person in a sense he did not return back money or he did not give profit to any single i supported Mufti Ehsan and request to the Nab and Government to let him do his work and help to support poor and jobeless families.
    If some one is doing good something for Pakistan especially according to sharya then if you can not support him please please please at least let him do his job.

    • Raja Qamar says:

      I appreciate you Raja Raheel.He is a genuine person. and he is not a fraud.

    • amir says:

      its totally farahiya loog

    • abdul says:

      please also tell me the latest news about mufti ehsan ul haq sab. i am also a client of F.G.I and invested amount. so if u know nay thing please let me know. please reply on my email id

    • muhammad shaheen says:

      i agree with raja raheel abid 10000000000000000000000000%

    • Naveed Jan says:

      what is the latest news about mufti saab

    • Dear
      I am also a client of F G I from the last 4 months.I have invested 10 million and 3 lac pak rupees.I strongly believe that the Mufti ehsan is working good and 100% Halal business. He worked from the last 4 to 5 years and supporting millions of poor people according to Islamic SHARIAH also believe that he did not fraud any body even a single person in a sense he did not return back money or he did not give profit to any single I supported Mufti Ehsan and request to the NAB Rawal pendi and also the newly elected Govt of PML(N)to let him do his job and help him further to support the poor and jobless people of Pakistan.
      I appeal to released him soon and let him do his business.

    • amir says:

      what is the letest news about mufti shab ?plz inform me plz.

      • Mohsin malik says:

        yar abi mufti ehsan k khilaf referene ki approval ho gai ha umeed ha jald i hope 2 or 3 mah tak khuch ho jay ga

    • ehtasham says:

      Jnab mujay pta chala ha k 6 July ko profit mil jay ga

    • MehmoodSafi says:

      Sir If you believe that Mufti Ehsan is doing 100% Halal Work And He won’t fraud even with a Single Person. Now tell me Why Mufti Ehsan wanted to go abroad?? Police arressted him in Airport. And His name is in ECL.

    • syed abid hussain says:

      i also appreciate you dear, yes it is true that mufti ehsan is not a fraud person.

    • Muhammad Arshad says:

      Kuch begharat log Islam ko Badnam karte han mukhtalif tareqo se kabi Jihad ke name per kabi Khudkash attack ke zareye or kabi Halal ka jansa de kar, afsoos ye aik munazam group ha jo ke Pakistan bane ke bad se is ko nuqsan ponchane ke darpe ha ye wohe log ha jo phele Pakistan ko accept karne ko teyar nehi te or Congruse ke ghood me bethe rahe, Raja Shaib aap ko agar nafa howa ha tu iska ye matlab nehi aap sab ko gumrah kare.

  2. Muhammad Shahzad says:

    i want more information

    • Raja Tahir Koral says:

      i am also an investor in this company. I have invested 1.6 million rupees (1600000). Mufti Ehsan is doing 100% Halal business. He didn’t make any fraud. Nobody gave any application against him. Nab arrested him only for money. But we all pray for him. InshaAllah he will be released soon.

      • aBDUL jABBAR says:

        Did any body have any documentary proof that Mufti is doing any business. Where is the company, what are the sales and what are the purchases done by him. Certainly nobody knows about this. Your profit may also haraam if you don’t know that where he spent your money.

    • nazia qaiser says:

      i am aslo the slient of FGI…and i agreed with Raja raheel abid …mufti sahab is a fair person and also supporting poor families …please please …let him do his work …he is very honest person he can not cheet any one ….my widow sister also invested mony 5 lac ..his business is 100% halal ‘yes’…..please let him go ….
      thankyou and jazakAllah

      • saba khan says:

        i appericiate with u all but i want som more information about mufti ehsan ul haq ye meri dua hai k unka buisness chal paray or logon ko sakoon mily ameen

  3. khuram nadeem says:

    i know mufti ehsan very well. he is an honest man. he can not do fraud. he is doing business on the rules of shariya. the problem is here in Pakistan if anyone doing according to shariya, he would be blamed and the person doing business with riba(interest) will be appreciated.i request all the concern persons to support mufti ehsan. if we don,t support the liberal and pro american thought will dominate…….

  4. Ahmed says:

    what happens to ehsan ul haq case.i want more update plz help

  5. jawad says:

    ISLAMABAD: NAB Rawalpindi Wednesday arrested Mufti Ehsaan ul Haq, Chief Executive M/S Fayyazi Gujranwala Industries Ltd.

    “The accused was alleged for corrupt practices by way of cheating public at large by receiving huge volume of funds from general public for inducing in so called business on profit & loss basis,” said a statement issued here.

    The accused defrauded an amount of Rs 220 million. He has been arrested and produced before the Accountability Court Rawalpindi.

    The Court granted 12 days physical remand for the accused.

    Category: News Archive

    Fraud Fraud Fraud Fraud Fraud

    • SHAHID JUGNOO says:

      mujhe to reh reh kar ARSHED taliban per gusa aa raha hai jis ne office k kai bandoon ko is daldal ma dhakela lagta hai wo mufti ka koi khas admi tha

  6. jawad says:

    its totally fraud case govt must arrested and give him a strong punishment. and return our funds….

    • Kaleemullah Khan says:

      What the proof do u have its just the interest of naib to get some money they are giving the profit to people and giving back the money as wellon demand.

  7. jawad says:

    ISLAMABAD: NAB Rawalpindi Wednesday arrested Mufti Ehsaan ul Haq, Chief Executive M/S Fayyazi Gujranwala Industries Ltd.

    “The accused was alleged for corrupt practices by way of cheating public at large by receiving huge volume of funds from general public for inducing in so called business on profit & loss basis,” said a statement issued here.

    The accused defrauded an amount of Rs 220 million. He has been arrested and produced before the Accountability Court Rawalpindi.

    The Court granted 12 days physical remand for the accused.

    thanks a lot Govt of Pakistan and Nab

  8. jawad says:

    govt must publish this news in newspaper .i m very very thanks full to nab…..


    i agree with comments of muhammad shahzad i also want detailed information about this issue

  10. ahmed says:

    i am also a client of the said company and receiving profit on regular basis.i invested four Lacs with him.How i will get back my amount if he remains in arrest condition.

  11. rashidsaleem says:

    i am also the client of FGI.I have invested one lac rupees.i believe that mufti ehsan is doing 100% Halal business for 4/5 years and supporting a millons of families according to islamic sharya.i believe he did not fraud any body even a single person in a sense he did not return back money or he did not give profit to any single i supported Mufti Ehsan and request to the Nab and Government to let him do his work and help to support poor and jobeless families.
    If some one is doing good something for Pakistan especially according to sharya then if you can not support him please please please at least let him do his job.

  12. muhammad shakeel says:

    please send me the correct information because i have invested 6 lac rupees last month

  13. Hakim says:

    I don’t know whether it is according to the law of Pakistan or not but I know very well that Mufti sb is supporting people rather than defrauding. I have seen a lot of people who are investing money with Mufti sb on profit & loss basis and they are satisfied. I believe that it is OK if somebody is helping people and is supporting those who cannot established their own business. I request NAB official to look into the case on humanitarian basis.

  14. amir says:

    Fraud hee Fraud


    Sir !

    Nehayat adab sai NAB ko darkhwast krta hai k main
    aik ghareb khandan sai ta,aluq rakta hu mera walid sahib guzray huay ramzan main faut ho chuka hai us ki
    pensian 183000 tha main nai es rakam k saat 17000 or rakam karkay es muzarbat main rakhay hai ab es karobaar main ye waqia aya es lye

    main NAB sai nehayat ghareebi sai darkhwast karta ho k aisa kuch karay k hamay apna rakam wapis mil jay ya es shakhs ko chor diya jain takay hamay apna rakam asaani sai wapas mil jai

    • asifkhan says:

      mary pyar dost ma ny b s ma 5 lakh rupy aur mary ak aur dost ny b shargar kpk sy taloq ha hmari arishad name ak admi jo hmary alaqy ka ta us ny ya pasy hm sy ly kr dosri parti ko dy di s trha us ny 3parti ko di abi arishad nam adme ny hmy pnsa kar abi bolty ha k ma zmdar nahe ho ab ya smaj nahi ati k kya kya jaye mara ya nambar ha agar ksi b bhai ko s k bary ma malomat ho to plese no 03125565714

  16. plz NAB sai mera request hai k hamaray ghareebi k rakam ka khiyal rakay

    my contact# 923159807455

  17. ADIL SHAH says:


    • ahmad al hassan says:

      sach tu ye hn k es islami mulk main sood jaiz hn au mazarbat gher qanoni,wah kia baat hn,sharm ka mkam hn

      • naseer ahmed says:

        Dear Brother/Sisters

        I am great believer of Islamic business but These persons doing bussines on the basis of interest(sud) and i know most of them ,they dont have any idea about islamic business ,
        they have no Fincacial Adviser ,no Autdit officer

        no Record of their bussines

        no NTN Setup

        please dont follow these persons

        May Allah Give them Hadaya

  18. Farman Ullah says:

    Salam Dear All,

    I wana say that Mufti Ehsan is a 100% fare person. He is doing a worthy Job in supporting many needy families by the type of work he is doing. I would request on behalf of all those families that Please, Let him do his GREAT JOB.

    If you can not be a part of the solution, then kindly don’t be a hindrance to those who are at least trying something.

    Engr. Farman Ullah

  19. asad says:

    yaar kuch btao kya bna mufti sb ka karobar chalay ga?

  20. surbana says:

    mufti sahib ki 14-05-2013 ko rawalpindi adalat mein jo peish hoay thay us ka kia bana?
    Kia reha huway k nahi?

  21. falak abbasi says:

    i m aso a client of FGI….mufti sahab is very honest person ….please let him do his work ….bohot sary logon ka ghar un ki waja se chal raha he …bohot sary yateem, bewa or beaasra logon ki madat kar rahe han …..or hum logon ne apni marzi se un ko pasy diyen han uno ne zabardasti to ni liye…..aap un logon ko pakran jo hamara khoon pee rahe han ..MQM…or dosary teesary log….humy to aaj tak in se koi problem ni hui .time time par pasy milty rahe han …please me aap se guzarish karti hon ke in ko chor de …humary ghar in ki waja se chal rahe han ..
    thank you

  22. Zahid Javed says:

    I have invested Rs. 1600000/ with Mufti Ahsan’s FGI and Spadix group of companies. Till April 2013 Mufti Ahsan has dealt well and honestly with me. Pl if possible update me about the case.

  23. Khalid Latif says:

    I am also the client of Mofti ehsan Ul Haq I have invested handsome amount. mufti ehsan was doing 100% Halal busines and supporting a millions of families according to Islamic sharia.i believe he is a true muslim and did not heart any of his client we believe it is a conspiracy of JEW lobby against him to not to promote Islamic financing in pakistan and they are using NAB for this purpose.
    I support Mufti Ehsan and request and Government of Pakistan and the court to let him do his work and help to support poor and jobeless families.And people want to know what fraud he has done?

  24. Abdullah Aheer says:

    It is 100 % according to Islamic Laws. The Problem is with the Bank Owners, which totally working on Interests.

  25. Farhan says:

    I ahve also invested 3 lacs and my other colleges invested 15 lacs with mufti sahib and i also agree that he is doing halal business
    i their is any update rgarding the case please update

  26. Liaqat Ali says:

    Excellency !

    While having your tremendous love, stupendous affection, precious favour and marvellous collaboration, I, with pride and pleasure , would like to know the present fate of the fraud case by Mufti Ehsan so that every patriotic and philanthropist may have awareness and thanks to the core of my heart.


    Liaqat Ali
    An Altruest and Chauvinist


    in which newpaper came the news that the affectees should contact against MUFTI EHSAN UL HAQ by the rawalpindi NAB?

  28. Rashid Abbasi says:

    assalamu laikum
    mufti ehsan ul haq sab k sath men ne b pasy lgay hen her month men mujy 5 date ko munafa milta raha asal men wo sharyat k mutabiq business karty hen aur hamary mulk ka sara nizam toa sood pr chalta ha beroni qarzy hun ya hamara banking network sab soodi nizam ha aur on tamam soodi bankoon ko yeh halal tariqa say acha munafa logo ko mil raha tha es say boht takleef hove aur onhun ne mufti sab par mun ghara ilzam laga kar on ko andar kara dia mujy khud pr apny khuda pr aur mufti sab pr poora yaqeen ha wo kabhi b fraud nhe kr sakty yeh log on ko badname kar rhey hen ta k on say 4+5 crore nikalwa sakain lanat ha sood khoroon pr

  29. muhammad waseem says:

    i am agree with rashid abbasi jo b shakhs es mulk men ghareeb k liay kuch krey yeh harami log zalim log sood khor log nhe chalny daity
    kitny gharoon k ghar ka chola es muzarbat company k sath chal raha tha yeh koi nhe sochta aur nab kon sa indipendant adara ha es ka chief toa zardari ka dost ha aur zardari ka toa name he kafi ha sirf khany k chakroon men aik shareef deendar bundy ko tang krty hen sab mli k

  30. muhammad waseem says:

    ya allah pak mufti sab ki hifazat farmayn aur on ki madad farmayn aur zalimo k muqably men on ko himmat aur estaqamat naseeb fama

  31. khalid says:

    mufti sab bohat saaf sothra kam rhey thy agar wo aik saal b jail men rhey hamain on pr ehtaba ha wo aik emandar shakhs hen aur shareef insan hen pr es mulk men jo toqeer sadiq jesy shoqat aziz jesy log zardari jesy log poora mulk kha gay on ko koi nhe pochta aur jo aadmi choty taqy k logo ko faida ponchy wo mujrim bun jata ha on ka qasoor yeh ha k wo molvi hen aur mufti hen es mulk men agar koi behtri lany men koi kirdar ada karna chahy toa osy jali maqadmoon men jail jana parta ha

  32. asad says:

    yaar koi latest news btao koi banda

  33. asad says:

    bhai kuch khabar mili kya bna mufti sb ka
    hm 5 bhaion nay invest ki ha kya bnay ga hmara total jama ponji invest kr di ha yaar sb dua kro karobar pahlay ki tarha chal paray nab walay mufti sb ko reha kr dain

  34. asad says:

    yaar jb koi khabaR mili to foran bta dana koi bnda b plz yaar

  35. asad says:

    o yaar sb so gay ho

  36. asad says:

    o bhaio kya mufti sb ka

  37. asad says:

    yaar sb doodh p k so gay ho kya baat ha

  38. touqeer abbasi says:

    please could somebody tell me the latest update regarding mufti ehsan coz myself i m client of FGI group and today i saw a notice by the NAB RWAWALPIND which they have been noticed to all client to contact with NAB regarding claim of amount and also NAB mention that this is a last notice to submit claim applictaion after 13 june there will be no chance to claim of amount so myself want to know about latest update about mufti ehsan

  39. Hijazi says:

    Jo koyee b islami aur sharayee tareekay sai karobar karta hay … yea ghundoon ki Govt aur in ka banaya howa kufar ka kanoon ussay gariftaar kar leaya hain … yea yahe chahtay hain , k Pakistan samait puri Dunya mai sood ka karobaar chalta rahay .. aur Bank walay loogoon ko mamooli sa munafa ada kar k public ko loot rahay hain … Mufti is 100% fair .. 3 saal sai Mufti saheb sahi tareekay sai loogoon ko munafah ada kar rahay hain … Iss soodi nizaam ko chalanay waloo , ALLAh ka khoof karo .. khatam kar do yea soodi nizaam kanoon … warna Jaisay K ALLAH RABUL IZZAT nay QURAAN e PAk mai Farmaya hay … k phir khoob tayyari kar k muj sai jang k leyea tayyar hoo jawoo ..tu bhala koyye aisa takat wala hay .. Jo ALLAh sai jang jeet sakay … Afsoos …afsoos

    • asad abbasi says:


  40. ali says:

    bhai aaj kay express akhbar me NAB nay publish kia hay kay 14th june tak application submit kar do to rakam wapis mil jayegi. yeh hay taza khabar or ab meri aik bat zara gor say sunna sab log. aik bar me nay Askaria Twon ki file li thi vo bhi 2 number log nai thay NAB nay un ko bi black mail kia un say jab pesay nahi milay to unhon nay pesay sara zabt kiye or agar kisi kay aik lakh thay to usay 60000 diye jis kay 50000 thay usay 25000 diye yeh kala kanoon hay NAB ka ab app log khud soch lo kay apnay application deni hay kay nahi ……

  41. ali says:

    me nay bhi mufti sab kay pass pesay rakhway hain bass Allah say achay ki umeed hay or me nay jab pesay rakhway to uskay foran bad hi mufti sab ko utha liya gaya tha yani main nay abhi tak aik nafa bhi nahi liye :) but Allah say poori umeed hay kay jo bhi Haram Khor hoga Allah usay kuttay ki moot mary ga in sha Allah…. or han ap logon nay jin jin logon ko pesay diye yah direct submit kiye ap log khud ja ka kahon unhin kay hamary pesay wapis Karin yah phir hamain nafa dain,,, agar NAB haram khor idaray kay pass ap log gay to samjho apkay pesay ya to milaingay nahi or agar milay to half milaingay me apna mamla bayan kar chukka houn…

  42. 007 says:

    10 june ko mufti sahab ke hearing hai.

  43. abid says:

    yhar ager kise ko ehsan ul haq sayb ka baray may malomat ho tu please shear karay.hososey rawalpind bhaio ko.yar hay kha mamayla hay.

  44. KAMRAN says:


  45. JAVED IQBAL says:

    Dear All Investor

    Can you give me a single example in the word that any business give 84 % Profit in the year.
    I dont know that what is molvi ahsan doing.kindly dont west time go to NAB and submit your case for detail Daily express dated 06-06-2013.

  46. asad says:

    mubarik ho mubarik ho bohat bohat

  47. imran says:

    kiya newsupdates hai mufti sb ki?

  48. ali says:

    @ASAD bhai kis chez ki mubarik ho ?????

  49. Cool says:

    Kuch khuda ka khoaf karo zalimo.. govt aur NAB ka prob yeh hai kay unko Mufti sahib hisa nahi dey rahy hain… if someone is doing anything kind plz at least usko to karnay do… corruption kay naam par phely defaultors ko pakro phir in logo ki tarf ana

  50. Kamran says:

    Any update?

  51. Nouman Yaqoob says:


    sir i am a poor person my brother also invest the amount

    plz forgave mufti ihsan sb, & also plz give me amount back to my brother bilal *(0331-5129068)

    wating 4 ur reply

    hope u can co-oprate with me

    Thnak you

  52. Cool says:

    bohot sary logon ka ghar mufti sahab ki waja se chal raha he …bohot sary yateem, bewa or beaasra logon ki madat kar rahe han

    aesay naik kam ki umeed govt say to ho nahi skti… plz let him do his job…

    NAB phelay apni tyrai pori kary ..coz us kay din ab khatm ho gaye hain…

  53. Ibrahim Shah says:

    Any latest news about mufti saib ???

  54. naveed says:

    if they doing business legally why nab approach him and arrest mufti sb and seaze their Accounts

  55. Suleman says:

    Any latest news?

  56. amir zeb says:

    i am also his client believe me that mufti Sb is supporting a thousand of Pakistani families and is doing halal business and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
    doing write job………………………….

  57. amir zeb says:

    if any latest news about mufti sb plzzzzzzzzzzzzz contact me +923458781620

  58. sufian says:

    i am also the client of FGI.I have invested 5 lac rupees.i believe that mufti ehsan is doing 100% Halal business for 4/5 years and supporting a millons of families according to islamic sharya.i believe he did not fraud any body even a single person in a sense he did not return back money or he did not give profit to any single i supported Mufti Ehsan and request to the Nab and Government to let him do his work and help to support poor and jobeless families.
    If some one is doing good something for Pakistan especially according to sharya then if you can not support him please please please at least let him do his job.

  59. Asim says:

    How much profit Mufti Sb was offering? I heard about a scheme in which a religious person was offering 10000 per month on investing 100000 and it is annually 120% which is impossible in any real business.

  60. agar ye frad hy to idara hume is bat ke tasali karwa de ke frad hy kia?

  61. jamshaid says:

    it is haired that on June, 21 he will appear in court for last

  62. SHUAIB GIKI says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    tamam hazaraat ko MUBARAK Ho ki Mufti sahib reha ho gai hain aaj 20/06/2013 ko

  63. faisal says:

    riha ho gay hain

  64. abdul wahab says:

    gud news for all of u mufti sahab ko aj chor dia gya ha from 25th he will come to his office in islamabad

  65. Cool says:

    Gud newz!!!!!!! Mufti sahab now release……..Sukhar hai khuda ka..

  66. shahid says:

    plz tell me ,latest situation ,i am also the investor. what will nab do now ,how we will get our money back

  67. sajid rahim abbasi says:

    plz new news kia ha mufti ehsan sab ki?

  68. nazia qaiser says:

    congratulations. mufti sahab came back .thank to Allah almighty who is most gracious and most merciful.

  69. kamran says:

    in 2 number loogoo ko govt saza ku nai dahteee. in loogoo ko saza dah geee tu loogoo ko pata chahlay ga . nab bee 2 number hai.

  70. kamran says:

    Nab bee paisay kahteee hai. loogoo ky paisay kah ker loogoo ko saza be nai dahteee. nab 2 number. ahsan buht hee currupt insan hai.

  71. Afzaal Ahmad says:

    Sunna hai Mufti ehsan ul haq sb release ho gye hain. kia ye sahee hai. kindly confirm.

  72. Gohar says:

    main nay February mein 9 lac invest kiya tha agar kisi ko mufti sahab k baray mein koe ilm hai tou zaroor share karain
    Main nay suna hai k mufti sahab riha ho gaye hain koe update ho tou batayn shukria

  73. raheel says:

    hy guys kasay han kuch khabar mili k mufti sb ka kya bna

  74. mohammed says:

    ager app hazrat batein key kya updates hein mufti ehsaan sahib ki profit kab milna shuru ho gaa?

  75. Ajiz says:


  76. asad says:

    kya matlab ajiz bhai

  77. M.KHAN says:


  78. M.KHAN says:


  79. umar farooq says:

    i am doing this business from long time and mufti ahsan is a nice and nobel man he never think of fraud at all NAB is just investigating the business

  80. asad says:

    inshallah 10 say pahlay pahlay munafa milay ga

    • ehtasham says:

      Yar mujay btao munafa mila ha kisi ko abi tk

      • Sher khan says:

        No 1 got manafa was told in meeting 2day according to them
        Kehty hai k 3 month k baad situation clear ho gi k kitna munafa mily ga ya nahi mily ga evn thogh business was runing fine in last three months during his arrest

  81. khalid says:

    pele to mufti ehsan tha ab osama b ay gua ha us ne logon se ehsan se b zeyada amount li ha ab us k pta ni kidr ha

  82. khalid says:

    my brothers jo buznss mofti osama ne elixer k bataya ha wo sab jhot ha .jo head offce malaysia mein ha meine aik dost se pta krwaya ha wo b jhot ha in actual un k koi asa karobar ni js mein itni amount invest ho

  83. khalid says:

    try to refund ur amount as soon as possible

  84. khalid says:

    i m from attock .with my few frnds we r making coolection from affectd people in ordr to go to court for refunding suggestd by one of supreem court lawer.

  85. haleem says:

    mufti saheb par yaqeen hai liken humai 5 jun ko manafa milnai ka bola magar kuch pata nahi chala ab 12 jun ka bola hai….
    awr buhut pareeshani us waqt hoti hai kai koie bhe phone ricive nahe karta buhut tri kia to idhar sai shak ho jata hai allah khai karai

  86. haleem says:

    ab 12 july ka fact date bataya hai allah karai amal bhi dekhaain

  87. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    Inshallah munafa 12 July ko milay ga. Fikar mat karo Allah Pak humary sath ha. Inshallah sab thik ho ga. min nay pata karwaya ha sb ok ha humain un ka sath dana chaya mufti sahib ny bola ha k pichlay 2 mah k munafa b bad min wo dy dien gy. so plz dont worry. b patient.

  88. asad says:

    yaar 12 ko to friday ha friday ko in ki chuti hoti ha inka kya irada ha munafa dain gay ya lara lagatay rahain gay

    • haleem says:

      is sai pehlai bhi 5 ka bolatha ab agar 12 ka jo onhon nai khod bataya hai agar nahi dia to pher daal mai kuch haala hoga pher aagai sochaingai

      • haleem says:

        اس سي فهلي 20 جون بتايا فهر 5 جولايي اكر مشكل ايا تو سب ملكر عدالت كا رخ كرينكي الله كري اس تك نوبت نه آيي

    • Hanif says:

      12 july ko pta chlega lekin ma sure nhe ho….wo fon attend ni krte…..

  89. ali says:

    Profit mila ha 10 ko but 2000/lakh

  90. ABDUL MAJID says:

    ab ak aur dohka mufti abdulmalik,abdullah,avdulmana,abdurrehaman.all did muzarabat with faurd.they are alum from zakri majeed.mufti aziz ur rehman their elder brother teaching at zakia majeed.also abdul malik mufti over their.also one abdul khalik with elixier.all have 4.5 karab rupees of people not just deceiving ppl with fraud that they got loss.abdullah,abdurrehman and abdulmana ran away.

    • Haseeb says:

      Nice group of coy kay abdullah aur abdulrhman kay baray men agar koi janta hay to pl reply karen un ke donon daftar band ho chukay hen aur un ki bhe koi khabar nahe aur agar un ki koi khabar akhbar men aye to batayen mere khiyal men woh bhe bhag gay hen
      unhon ne first aug ko shedol ke mutabiq kuch logon ko pesey wapas karney the

  91. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    min 12 ko giya tha aur aj 13 ko b gia tha munafa nain mila sab log parashan khary thay faisal bahi ap sach khaty ho ab mujy parashani ho rahi ha as min jis k dil main thora sa b eman ho wo apny muslman bahiyon ko takleef nain dy sakta humin sochna ho ga Allah Rab-ul-izat Hafiat ka muhamla furmay amin. aur Faisal Bahi apna no. mary email par send kar dain

    • faisal says:

      kaleem bhai main khub bi aalim hn lakin ab in logo ki waja sa apna aap ko aalim kahta bi sharam ati ha.mufti ahsan 1 number ka harami hy.kisi ko ko kuch bi nai dy ga or na us ka pas kuch hy us ka sara paisy bankok ma hy or kuch din tak wo chala jay ga.or allah ki qasam main apna halat bayan nai ker sakta ka kia hal ho gya mera in logo ki waja sa.].main to mer ky bi paisy nai choro ga.or in ko itna badnam kern ga ka yo log yad rakha gy..or main puri koshish ker rha hn sy contact ka..

  92. haleem says:

    kaleem khan saheb ap 12 ar 13 ko kedher gia tha in ke ofice me ya bank me bank to saturday nahi hoti ,,to merai khyal me ofice gaye hongai to jub ye loog jhot boltai hai ar manafa nahin daitai to apne raqam wapas nekalne ka q nahin booltai? please in logoon ka ofice abhi kedhar hoga

  93. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    yar Haleem bahi mien phaly united bakry waly office gia tha udar kal khula huwa tha aur kal logo nay thor phor ki tu phir aj likha huwa tha k sab log dakhnay walay office rabta karo phir mien aj udar gia tu wahan log jama thay aur intizar kar rahay thay aur mufti sahib kah rahay thay k hum a rahay hin but nai ay phir min a gia mujy paison ki sakht zrurat ha but ab kaha rahay hin k 2 din sabar karo yar ab kitna sabar karon sakht parashan hon samj nai a rahi kiya karon khair 2 din mizid daikh latay hin dua ha k Allah Pak karam furmay. Mujy bilkal umid nain thi k aisa ho ga bahral unon nay mujy phon par tasali hi di ha koi galat bat nain ki but time wada kar k us par pura na utarna ya doutful ha aur waisy b islami logon ko ya zaib nain data.

  94. haleem says:

    kaleem khan ap bikol such bolta hai maloomat denai ka shukria.hadees nabawe hai k munaafiq ki neshanio me se he.k jub bat karata hai jhot bolta hai ar jub waada karta hai us ke khelaaf karta hai allah khai kare 2 neshaani to mawjood hai allah ka khawf hona chahia yaar ye itna samajdar loog kaisa ghair zimadarana tarze amal karta hai clear baat q nhe kartai samaj nahi araha kia ye islam ki khedmat hai ar kia manafa pechle 3 maheene ka hai ya nahee jaisaa k opar ali k comments me he k 2ooo/lakh

  95. Asif javed says:

    Ma ne abe 3 lakh rakhwae hoe han. 2000 profit a choka hy 1 lakh pe. ma ne agent se paisy nikalwane ki bat ki tu us ne jawab dia k 3 months tak kise ka pasa wapis nae karen ge aur es tarhan apna nuqsan pora karen ge. 3 months k bad jo nikalwana chahy nikalwa le. please koe bataye k aya ye bat theak hy k nae.

  96. asad says:

    o bhaio kya ho gya aap log apni jaga theak magar dakho wo bicharay kia karain 3 month say jo nizaam darham barham hua hai us ko set krnay main wakt to lagay ga na jahan 3 month intazar kia kuch din or sai or jo 2000/lack hai na wo aik month ka hai

    • haleem says:

      yaar wo log to fon nhi otate agar otatai baat sahe nhi karte serf jhoot bol jatai hai itnai deendar samajdar loog aisa nhin kartai aaj mera dost gia ta boht sare loog jama the 2000/lock dia mere doost nai paisa wapas karne ka bola unon nai boola 4 maheena baad melega mene osai bola ye bhe jhoot hoga kia garanty hai 4 maheenai ka? jub ye log apne costomar co jhot bolta hen mujhe to in par ab yaqeen nhen a raha me bhe apna paisa wapas longa yaar kidhar bhaag na jain

    • faisal says:

      hamain to koi munafa nia dya..aap na kon sy dafter ma paisy jama kerway hain.@

  97. haleem says:

    ehtisham bhai app ne hamain tasali de haehum ziada ya kam manafa ki fikar nahee es kalia koie paisa rakhai ya wapas lai pareshaani seraf (( phone atend na karna awr jhot he waade karna))eslia ke maamela me jhot start howa to phir kuch nahe rehta hadees nabawe he .الدين معاملة.musalman ka deendare oske lan dain se maaloom hotahai. ab sunaa hai phone attend karta hai والله اعلم

  98. ali says:

    Please before
    investment keep profit loss in ur mind

  99. haleem says:

    please baat per ghawar kar men profit loss ke baat nahen karta pehle ye loog phon attend karte the ab buhut mushkil se koie jawab daita he to ye kam musalman ko zai nahen daita awr yahe se shak insaan ko aajatahai

  100. M. Naveed says:

    my uncle invested 2 lacs n just after 1 month nab arrested mufti sb,,these 2 lac was total life saving of my uncle.

  101. raza haroon says:

    i live in Rawalpindi,
    where is there office near to me????
    Rs 100000/- (one lac) per kitna milta hai andazan.???

  102. anwaar says:

    breaking news mufti ahsaan ka naam ecl ki list main aa gya hai jahan wo poori koshish ki ja rahi ha k clear ho jay jb bhi clear ho jay ga mufti ahsaan mulk say bahir bhaag jay ga phir kisi ko kuch nai milay ga 20/07/2013 ki awaaz akhbar main ye khabar aai hai

  103. anwaar says:

    mufti sb ka ecl ki list main naam ha wahan say jb clear ho ga mufti sb mulk say bhag jain gay awaz akhbar 20/7/2013 main khabar chapi hai kuch kro ta k hmain rakam wapis mil jay

  104. Abdul Rehman says:

    Mufti sb Allah ka khof karo gareeb logon k jo paise hain wo waapis kar do kis naam k Mufti hain aap ??

  105. Mars says:

    Unfortunately! Ap Sab logon ka Paisa……”DUUB GAYA HA”…..


    Moulana Ehsan Fraud nahi thaa.. Usski niyaat achi thi,, Par ucka kuch partners na zatti ranjis ki waja sa UCA Akhbaar ma UCKA karoobar ka Dhandoora peetna shiroo kar diya… NAB action ma aya… Moulana Ehsan ki galti buss itni thi ka USKA BUSINESS logoon sa paisa lee kar investment karna ka Majaz nahi tha..ucna company investment k liya register nahi karayi thi,,, balki manufacturing company thi….. NAB na chapa maraaa or uca giriftar kiya….

    As a result sab loog ek dam paisa wapis leena pahunch gaya… oor as a result SAB KA PAISA DOOOOB GAYA….

    mAULANA EHSAN KI DOSRI GALTI.. RIBA THI. Ucka tareeka kar RIBA ma atta tha…

    AAP SAB LOGON KI GALTI…… LALLLACH thi.. Ap logon na RIBBA.. Yanni SOODI karoobar ma paisa Lagaya.. Or Allah ki Lanat ha Sood par……

    Allah Ap sab ko Sabar da.. or ayenda apna paisa Halal ka kamon ma lagana ki toufeeq da….


  106. asad says:

    mufti sb bahar bhagnay walay han

  107. asad says:

    mufti ahsaan ka naam ecl main aa gya hai koshish kar ray hain jaisay hi clear ho ga mufti sb mulk say gaib or hamari rakam bhi gaib

  108. asad says:

    ye khabar awaz akhbar 20/7/2013 main chapi hai

  109. asad says:

    kuch karo yaar

    • faisal rehman says:

      salaaam, my name is faisal rehman and i also invest 3 lac in thier business through our molana sahib of our masjid . he says that till september all will be clear. but i know that he is not telling me the truth . i will wait till september if i dont get my amount i will give the name of our molana to nab. because when he get profit on our investment he is happly , now he refuses to tell us the truth . please give a lessoin to these middle mans who got profit on our investment and now says , we dont no any thing

  110. fawad says:

    aoa,bahi kia koi ye bata sakta he ke mufti ghulam rasool ayuobi ka mufti ehsan sahb ke sath koi link he ya nai.wo be mufti ehsan sahb ki tarah 1 lac pe 4 to 6k profit deta tha,but is month ka profit abee tak nai milla

  111. Asif javed says:

    I also heard that till September, situation would be clear and inverters may withdrawal their money as they are recovering the loss. I am to only say that if someone has approach to the NAB, request them to keep their name in ECL so that he can’t escape from Pakistan.
    NAB se request karn k moulana Ahsan ka nam ECL ma he rakhen jab tak mamla saf nae hota. kam az kam October tak en ka nam ECL ma rakhen ta k wo Pakistan se bagh na saken.

  112. ali hasan says:

    yeh sab fraud hai aur mufti sahib is waqt pasa lay kar daul nationality

  113. faisal rehman says:

    my friend also invest 2 lac money .he got stamp paper on which he is investing money with ghulam rasool ayubi on profit and loss. and the person through which he invest money , says that your money is invest in mezban general stores. and he gets profit of 2700 in june , i think they collect money from people , and issue stamp paper of different companies , but thier main head is one person. any body know news about mufti usama owner of aliexer traders. because i invest money in thier company

  114. Asif javed says:

    Latest news kia han mufti Ahsan k bare ma?

  115. sohail nawaz khan says:

    Allah kry FGI runing position mian aa jay, kiun k is business sy beshumar logun ka bhala ho rha hy.

  116. mohammed says:

    I heard he’s starting the proper profit from next month ,hope so inshALLah duas requested

  117. faisal says:

    dosto agla mah kia ho ga munafa mila ga ya paisa.ya phir wahi purana jhoot./

  118. Asif javed says:

    Behter ki umeed hy. ALLAH khar kare

    • haleem says:

      salaaam araz ab kia jhoot kia umeed seraf 6 days intizar hai pata chalaiga vesaa mujhe yaqeen naheen doosre baat apke basik paise ka value yane dollar rate pehle taqreeban 85 tha ab taqreeban 106 he apne apne raqam ka hesaab lagaaie keta lost hai allah khar karee yane 5 lokh me taqreeban 1,22000
      nuqsaan to already he

  119. ali says:

    me ne mez ban store me invest kya ha ,nab ne mufti ahsan ko arrest kya ha fr mezban store aur mufti usama kio profit nahi de rhi he ,ye sab aik he kya

  120. ali says:

    mezban store tu sahi chal rhi he ,fr profit kio nahi de rhi he ye ,asal masla kya ha ,

  121. haleem says:

    asif bhai ye islie ke pakistani curunci ghir mustahkam hai is lie to hamare haan mehingai rozana ka mamool ban gia hai ye halat dosre mamaalik me nahe doosre mulko me kie saalon tak prices mustahkam hoti hai hamara toyahi kaam hai jin me samaj he o samaj gia hoga jo nahi samajta allah unko bhi samjaai

  122. ABDUL BASIT says:

    asslam u alikum..bhai jan qari ghulam rasool ki kia news h…mera 2.8 million h udr…mujhey 3 mahenay say profit nai mila..

  123. ehtasham says:

    Yar is dafa kia kuch ha kia munafa milay ga

  124. Mohammed says:

    MIley ga hopefully on Monday inshALLAh

  125. mohammed says:

    kyoon nahin lagta faisal bai ???

  126. ehtasham says:

    Yar is dafa munafa kitna millay ga.

  127. Sardar ghazi advocate Rawalpindi 03008562850 says:

    My dear brothers I was engaged as an advocate for m/sSpadix group of industries. I filed a wp in Islamabad high court on behalf of 13directors who were summoned by NAB to assist them in enquiry agains mufti ehsan high court directed my clients to join the enquiry but they went underground for fear of arrest.we filed application before NAB court no 1 for voluntary return of the amount.a senior lawyer also exerted his influence over investigating officer and director general nab and mufti ehsan was released after he paid 550 million Rs to nab. However he is still not free as nab is waiting for new chairman to authorise investigation in allegations of money laundering to Thailand an malasiya.he is in serious trouble he and his directors including his brother are not available about 10 days back two directors came to my office advised them that we can approach high court for relief against nab but showed no interest I am told stories how nab is illegally continuing with enquiry. We must know the SECP is the body to investigate into illegal Modarba business and nab had no jurisdiction on 16april to arrest mufti people are afraid mufti will leave Pakistan. I cant say about him. If people do think I can help them they are welcome. I can take them to Islamabad high court for getting their money has appeared in Daily News and today’s DAWN. EidMubarik

  128. Asif javed says:

    Sr khan comments:
    I know quite a few people who have actually invested in muft ihsan company and has not applied to NAB yet fearing NAB might not pay them fully and deduct handosme amount. I think NAB should through more advertisement should encourage people to apply for the refund of their investments and these muftis should be banned from defrauding people once for all.

  129. Asif javed says:

    I am totally agreed with srkhan comments that NAB should encourage people to claim their money.

  130. akhan says:

    salam.! plz some one tell me about the profit :)

  131. ali says:

    This time they have given 15 Aug date

  132. faisal says:

    is dafa phir mufti ahsan log darama ker rha hain or kah rha haih eid ka bad dain gy..tamam dosto sa apeel hy ka eid ka bad nab ka pas ka ilawa koi rasta nai ha…

  133. asad says:

    munafa 12 ko milnay ki itlah mili ha

  134. Muhammad Kaleem says:

    Mari Tamim Bahion sy request ha k wo rabtay mien rahin aur sab mil kar Eid k bad agar rakam na mili tu Nab jaty hine. Aur kitna intazar karo gy. aisa na ho k ya intazar manga par jay. kuch b ho Ehsan Sahib ko apny customers ko jinon nay mushkil wakat min un ka sath diya un ko address karna chaya tha akhir kuch tu khaty. isliya please sab sanjeeda ho jawo aur 12 Last samjo.

  135. asad says:

    ye nai pata k kitna milay ga

  136. ehtasham says:

    Yar mujay btao munafay k baray m milay ga ya pir nai kia khabar ha

  137. Imran Khan says:

    Some one tell me about The confirm date of Profit return. PLZ :)

  138. Imran Khan says:

    Some one tell me about The confirm date of Profit return. PLZ

  139. Asif javed says:

    kia es dafa apne investment bhe wapis nikalwa sakte han?

  140. Asif javed says:

    Faisal bhai, ye ap ko kase pata chla k Mufit ahsan ne kuch pasa bankok bhe bighwaya hy?

  141. faisal says:

    asif bhai btana lazmi.4 mah to ho gay hain intizar kerta hoy

  142. Adnan says:

    bhai yar meray dost ney mohalay ki msjid k qari sb ko 150000 diyay thay ab who gol mol baat kar rahay hain plz koi mufti ehsan ya or kisi mufti ka complete address bata day baishak isi blog per plz bhai yahan tou faako ki noubat aagai hai plz plz plz bhaio / Bahno koi bhi bata day please ???

  143. Adnan says:

    or yeh batao k kahan gaye yeh baiman muftis islam k naam per dhoka diya zalimoo ne ??

  144. Aamer says:

    15 say 20 tak kisi din be ho jay gha inshallah.

  145. Mohammed says:

    Koi updates about the profit guysss???

  146. mohammed says:

    2000 per lakh profit milla hai kehtey hai agley month sey behtar ho ga

    • Asif javed says:

      lagta hy ye ese tarhan bakwas karte rahen ge. Profit q etna kam de rahe han. Mufti shb ne tu NAB ko wo pasa dia hy jin logon ne apne investment wapis mange the NAB k zarye se. baqi business to use tarhan chal raha tha. Mugy ko daal ma kuch kala lag raha hy.

  147. Naveed says:

    Yar Mohammad Bhai apko kb 2000/per lak mle ha…kaha se mle ha….hme to nhe di

  148. md says:

    dost mein nae NAB pata kia hae who kehte haan ap logon nae pehle keun nahen application de ab ap log nab ko apne apne applications baijo who jama kar ke action karen gae
    Jaldi karo ta ke mufti saab baag na jaen…
    Mein nae apne applcation baij de hae….

  149. ehtasham says:

    Yar profit waqai mila ha or kb mohammad bai

  150. mohammed says:

    profit Thursday ko mila hai

  151. Kamran says:

    15 ko milla hai , 2000 per lac kay hisab say….shukar hai kuch tu milla hai

  152. alibinsabir says:

    Muhammad bahi Salaam last month aap ko profit mila tha

  153. Mohammed says:

    g pichley mah bi and iss mah bi 2000 miley hai janab !Dua karein Allah bahtar karey merey dost aney waley dinoon mein mufti sahib sey mulaqat karien gey so ill update you guys insha Allah!

  154. Mohammed says:

    g last month mila hai and soon ill meet mufti Ihsan sahib so ill keep u guys posted insha Allah

  155. Asif javed says:

    Muhammad bhai, ap Mufti shb se ye bhe pochna k kia unhon ne thiland ma bhe investment ki hy ya un ki apne personnel amount hy udher? q k ye aik newspaper ma aya tha.

  156. Sajid Malik says:

    yar ab to kah raha hai k 25 date ta sabar kary.lekin ye sab mujy jhot lag raha hai.jhot pay jhot bolty chaly ja rahy hai.pta nahi is ka akhiri hal kya nikly ga.

  157. ASIF says:

    Its totally fraud of catching a huge money from the people by a different way of Business. There is no think of any refund. There is no one Business in the world which earn such income/ Revenue in so short time and its totally opposite of all accounts/ economical policies. If someone believe that it’s true then show me a single country in the world which do as so include USA, UK and any other advanced countries. There is only a Micro Finance can avail a huge ratio of profit which is only about 30% last.

    Is there anyone know that who is the main Gangstor (Master mind) of the pre-plan (Theory) Mufti Ihsan and usma etc such persons of only Pak base processor of the plan. If somebody know about them then reply me on the same email address as soon as possible and its also a challenge.

  158. Muhammad Kaleem says:

    Salam Bahio boht parashani hui ha aj

  159. Muhammad Kaleem says:

    in logo na bola tha k hum 25 Ausgust ko asal rakam ki wapsi start kar dain gy. but log bichary garam doop mine in k office k samnay jama rahay but koi parsan a hall na tha. pata nain is ka end kiya ho ga. aur log aik plaeform par jama b nain ho rahay. sab log mil jawo aur kuch socho warna ya waqat b hath sy nikal jay ga.

  160. Khan says:

    Salam to all. maray bhaio parashan mat houn. aap nay ulema par aithabar kia hay. Halal kamanay ki koshish ki hay. Tora sa masala in zemadar afrad ki taraf say aa raha hay kah woh mobile phone band kar k baitay huay hain. Jiss say awam main bachani barthi jaa rahi hay. Ab tak in k yay faislay samnay aa chukay hain. 1. Munafa band aur asal raqam wapas karna. 2. 26 Aug ki meeting main, asal raqam 4 mah main wapis karna. 3. Logo ko tasalli k liay cross check aur stamp paper daina. 4. Mufti Sb ka press conference kar k Dafatir kol daina.

  161. naeem khan says:

    ab 02-09-2013 ka kaha ha k jama ki hue raqm mljayge

  162. ali says:

    Humin kaha no more profit amount dec ko wapis ho ghe

  163. naeem khan says:

    dec mtlb december main?

  164. Raheel says:

    Salam to every one please can some one give me answer will the people get there money back or is no chance left please advise me what should I do if I don’t get the money back please

  165. atiq ur rehman says:

    plz tell me about mezban store main nay us main 2 lakh lagay thay aur ubhe tak 3 months say na profit aya hay an kuch iska owner kehte hain ghulam rasool ayubi hay iska kya banay ga main kya karun kahan jaun khudara koi meri help karo main mental patient ban kar reh gya hooon soch soch kay mere pass astom paper hay aur check hay jis par ghulam rasool ayubi kay signs hain bas aur kuch nahe plz teel me dear any one kiya karun

    • Ghulam Qadir says:

      jab aap kehty ho ke ham ne halal investment ke hay jis main profit & loss hota hay to phir mental patient kioon ban gay ho? it means u invested in soodi karobar to gain just profit/

  166. ABC says:

    Now Mufti Ehsan arrested from Rawalpindi Air Port by FIA.
    We all lost our dreams.


  167. Asif javed says:

    Mufti ahsan has been arrested again:

  168. shoaib khan says:

    ab hum logo k paysay kes terha wapas ho gy mufty sahab tu arrest ho gae

  169. Malik Aafaq Ahmed says:

    yar duaaaaa karain kai kuch mil jae profit ya paisa or kia hm nab ko darkhast dain plzz tell me i am in a great cofussion should i give application or not ??????????????

  170. Ghulam Qadir says:

    Aap sab logon ko kia huwa hay, 7000 profit deta hai to halal kaisay ho gia. Sood kia hota hai? Aur Mufti ka karobar kia hay jis say 7% monthly profit hota hay. Saari dunya ke bank 8 % salana profit daytai hain jab ke ye 84% salana banta hay. Zara hamain bhi ye karobar batain?

  171. Ghulam Qadir says:

    sood sood hota hay aur allah ne quran me elan kia hay kay soodi karobar kernay say allah aur Rasool SAW ke jang hay. Aur ye muftioon ka sab kaam soodi hay. Allah se daro aur is kaam ko choar do

  172. Khan says:

    Bhaio maray khyal main humay aik platform pay jama hona chahiay. jamat k sath ALLAH ki madad shamil e haal hoti hay. inferadi tariqay say mufti ehsan ko faida ho ga. is tarah NAB B apni karwai tez kar dey ga.

  173. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    Asalam O Aliku. My sensible advice is that we should agree with the statement of Khan. In my point of view we should gather anywhere else and try to start long march against mufti ehsan then may be the higher authorities might process speedily otherwize, we all will loss the money and the scandle of Mufti Ehsan will treated just like Double Shah.

  174. Mohammad sulaiman says:

    Mao to mufti ehsan ko janta bhi nahi tha many to 16 laak rupai apnay mohallay k hafiz Ejaz ko deyi awar jab se deyi Hayn mujay aik rupiya munafa bhi nahi mila ab hafiz Ejaz kehta hay keh agar mufti nay hamay paisay diye to ham aap ko de dengay awar aghar nahi diye to haray paas aap ka koyi rupia nahi hay

  175. Mohammad sulaiman says:

    Is leyi mai NAB waloon se guzarish karta hoon keh wo hamaray mohallay k hafiz Ejaz ko bhi gereftaar karlay keh wo hamaray paisay wapas karde

  176. mufti ehsan says:

    My brothers and sisters i am multi ehsan now enjoying a luxurious life outside Pakistan thanks to you fools and nab officers hahhahahaha

  177. Mashkoor ahmed says:

    Kya jo Pasia hum ny invest kiya thay wo humko wapis mil sakhtay hai ya nhi plz koi itna bata dai i m waiting ……???????

  178. Khan says:

    SALAM to all. Aap sub ko apnay pasay milay gain INSHALLAH.

  179. Khan says:

    Salam to all brothers & sisters. Main Islamabad main houn. aur rozana ki buniyad per maloomat laita houn. Apnay tamam jan nay waloun ko itlaa kar do kah, Fouran apnay spadix agreement, NIC ki photocopy k sath NAB ko application they dain. Pattern application NAB office k sath photostat woloun say mil jathi hay. NAB k staff say application receive karnay k baad stamp zaroor lugwain. Takeh trace karnay main aasani ho. Agreement k ooper apny director ya wakeel ka naam zaroor likhain.

  180. Ehtasham Mehmoo says:

    Mr. Khan kaisay han aap, me ehtasham i have also invested Rs.200000/ Lakh in that business but unfortunate the things is not going well.

  181. Khan says:

    Qari Usama Abbasi SPADIX walay ka bhai Islamabad I-10/4 Madrissay main hay. Walid Zakriyya Masjid k qareeb Dhok Hassoo main hay. Doosra bhai Murree main masjid main pash e imam hay. Sabiqa Wazir e Aala KPK Mehtab Abbassi kay khandan ka hay. Mehtab Abbasi nay un ko logo ki ruqoom wapis karnay k liay kaha hay.

  182. faisal baig says:

    kia khan sb application nab ko daini pary gi …yay kia ho rah hai dec ka wahda kia gaya tha k raqam wapis ki jay gi nab waly kitnain percent wapis karwaty hain

  183. shah says:

    choro yar sab apna time zaya na karo koe or kam karo Allah is sy ziada dy ga

  184. Attaullah says:

    dear brother,
    Nab is not solve our Modaraba case from 4 our case makes a cummity that every one person is every day updates news in sms service about mubti ehsan.Our cummity members meet to mubti and nab duscussing modaraba scam.Requsted chif justice of pakistan and prime minster urgent attantion in our muzarfat case.agree people send me mobile no in my email.
    NOTICE plz every one comment commity in Modaraba scam

  185. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    Yes you are absolutely allright. I am also agree with you

  186. adnan mehmood says:

    sb k sb nab ke samne dharna do plz utho khare ho

  187. adnan mehmood says:

    nab sab ke pese chaat jaay ga really uth khare ho sab sada haq ithe rakh

  188. nazia says:

    Me to itna janti Ho k mulana ne humy zaleel o khwar kar dya sub kuch bech ke 3000000 diya tha dar bdar Ho gy hum or humary bachy .is ka zemedar kon he..hmay pasy wapis chahiyn please .

  189. Malik Aafaq Ahmed says:

    lot gaye hum sab kuch nai ho ga so jaooo sab mufti giya jahan sai aya tha “lalach buri balan hai”mgr hum deir sai smajha or anjam bura nikla so dont care paisa anai jane wali chizzz hai “LANAT BERPADRE FRANG”

  190. Shumail says:

    AOA tamam logo se meri guzarish he k sabar kro r ALLAH se muafi maango r DUA kro k ALLAH pak sab ko HIDAYAT de taa k koi b kisi ksath zulm chakar farad dhoka na kry
    r jisk NASEEB me HIDAYAT ni he Allah usko IBRAT ka nishaan bana k Dunia se utha ly taa k wo phr kisi ka Haq na na Maary.Ameeeeeeeeeeeen

  191. jamil84 says:

    salam main ny be 1100000 rupees invest key thy liken abi tak kuch pata nae chala hai.
    mere govt sy ye request hai k please is bary main jald sy koi action ly ta k logon k pessy wapess mil saken

  192. Muhammad Kaleem Khan says:

    G biyion sab log aik plate form par jama ho jawo sab log aik dusry sy apnay contacts share karo phir aik meeting call karo aur sab mil kar Chief Justice aur Wazir Alla Punjab Shahbaz Sharif ko request karo tu tab bat ban sakti ha

  193. raja kabir says:

    Plz tell me latest update of mufti ehsan

  194. alishan says:

    i agree with kaleem sb but yr bot sa gareeb logo ka paisy bi lgy howy hain wo log ab kia krain gy hamary village ka 3 cror sa ziada hain kuch smaj nai a rahi log zahni mareez bn choky hain

  195. saad says:

    ALLAH khair karayga , istarha na umeed honay say ager kuch milta hay to mujay b bataien q k mein nay 60 million + invest kiye howe hain . alhamdulilah mein mutmain houn ALLAH ki raza per . meri sari zindagi ki kamai thi mager aik bat jo mujay hosla dyti hay wo ye hay k meri kaya himmat thi k mein kamata ALLAH hi nay sab dia tha aur usi nay lay liya . abb rahi bat in logoun ki jo meray aur app k sath dhokka karatay hain marna inhoun nay b hay aur ham nay b aur ALLAH to insaf karnay wali zaat hay to khair ager dunia mein ye log hamaray pasoun say aish kar laingay to kaya ham akhirat mein inko choraingay ????

  196. saad says:

    aur haan NAB say kuch nhn milnay wala q k jahan mein nay invest kiye hain wahan Sab kuch NAB k samnay hay per koi un pay hath tak nhn dalta .aur mein shuru say abb tak saray comments parhay to mujay lagta hay k ye sab yani ahsan ul haqq, osama zia,mezbaan aur shafiq cable sab aik hi stage k mukhtalif kirdar hain . jhoot k palanday hain sab aur sab nay mil k ulama e haqq aur deen ki wo badnami ki hay k jo bayan say bahir hay . ulama e haqq to dunia say door baghtay thay to ye kasay mufti aur alim hain jo apnay liye dunia kamatay hain ghareeb aur dusray musalmano k pait per lat mar k .

  197. saad says:

    aur baz logoun nay kaha k itna munafa mumkin nhn to mein is bat say agree nhn karta mein nay khud laptops ka kam kia import ka aur mujay 100% say oper munafa hoa aur ye to 84 % yearly banta hay aur muzarbat waqi sahi tareeqa e tijarat hay jo shareeat mein sabit hay mager han koi iskay usooloun ko madd e nazar rakh kar karay tab . aur jo banks 10% ya 8% yearly dytay hain aur wo b sood to unkay expense itnay hotay hain aur sath mein unka % nikalnay ka tareeqa ye hay k wo aik khas miqdaar mein sharakat dari kartay hain jab k muzarbat mein puray munafay mein sarakat dari ki jati hay to itna nafa koi baeed nhn hay

  198. anees asghar says:

    salam hm ny jo paisy diye hain hnm ko milny ha y nahi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bta do hmary abu bht tnc ha plzzzzzzzzzzzzz na mily tw hmary abu ko kuj ho jana ha…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me the ture……

  199. amna asghar says:

    zindagi ki sari jama punji hm ny laga di hmay pata hota ya hona ha hm kabi na krty aisa…..plzzzzzzzzzz jo bat ha wo such such bta dooooo………….i agreee anees

  200. anees asghar says:

    zindagi ki sari jama punji hm ny laga di hmay pata hota ya hona ha hm kabi na krty aisa…..plzzzzzzzzzz jo bat ha wo such such bta dooooo………….i agreee anees

  201. anees asghar says:

    G biyion sab log aik plate form par jama ho jawo sab log aik dusry sy apnay contacts share karo phir aik meeting call karo aur sab mil kar Chief Justice aur Wazir Alla Punjab Shahbaz Sharif ko request karo tu tab bat ban sakti ha

    • naveed nayyer says:

      ap sahi keh rahay ho hameen 1 plate form par khada hona chahiye meray 64lacks hain. allah karay kay ye fraud na ho ameen.

  202. alishan says:

    amina baji hamari raqam sb ko mily gi inshaAllah mgr kuch wqt lgy ga mary tamam companio sa rabta howa ha ya frad nai ha jb nagran hakomat bani thi ya sazish us ka bd bani ha tamam yahdi labi is ma malawas ha ya bot lambi dastan ha sb ki raqam un ko mily gi ho sakta ha mufti ehsan koi 1 galti kr rha tha jis ki Allah na islah kaliy us ko saza di ha mufti phir uthy ga aur phly sa barh kr uthy ga inshaALLAH sb hazrat namaz parh kr doha karian

  203. Asif javed says:

    Ap ma se koe ager moulana Tariq Jameel k close hy tu un se request karo k wo PM Nawaz shareef se request karen k es masle ko hal karne ma help karen q k un Nawaz shareef ne Raiwind Ijtama k bad un ko apne farm house pe bola k dua karwae the. Please please please

  204. fahad says:

    please muje batin ke hamin hamary paisay kab milly gay ( shukaria)

  205. rizwan says:

    hamay achi umeed rakhni chahye.or just dua krni chahye

  206. Khan says:

    SALAM to all brothers and sisters. Molana Fazal Ur Rehman nay apnay thaqriban 5 bando k paisay Mufti Ehsan say nikaal diay hain. Iss k baad hamara aik dost dubara un k pass gia aur Fazal Ur Rehman nay uss ki safarish B ki. tho Mufti Ehsan nay jawab dia kah Mollana sb hum un-qareeb tamam logo k paisay wapis kar dain gay. INSHALLAH

  207. haleem says:

    Ye mulaqat kedher Howie mai na suna hair multi adhyala jail mai hai

  208. inayat says:

    i am also also a client hope 2 better future and share rs 1100000,,,,,i request now inform me 4rm lattest updates,,,,,pllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

    • Pir Musawir Shah says:

      i m the cilend of mufti ehsan i give 10lac rupees tell the update this my phone number i a student & my father is dead?plzzzzzzzzzzzz yar tell us? my name is Pir Musawir Shah

  209. Asif javed says:

    Shafique ur rhaman ko CIA ne arrest kar lia hy karachi ma


    • Ali Raza says:


      kuch pta chala koe new update hai aap k pas

      • hamzamhmood says:

        nab have wrote the letter to the people and called them on 18 feb who have invested money in molana abdullaha company madina corporation. same letter is recved by my family member. but what about rest ones?

  210. maham siddiqui says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza muj koi batao koi latest news about mufti ehsaan

  211. maham siddiqui says:

    faisal plzz senmeur contact number

  212. Shafqat Ali says:

    me ik bewa (widow) hoon me ne mufti Ihsan ke pas 2 lacs jama karwaey they mere ghar aur meri medicines ka kharcha wahen se chalta tha magar 1 saal se nobat faqon tak aa gaey plz help me

  213. Babar Hussain says:

    I m also effected of Mufti Ehsan Ul Haq i invested 5 Lak in FGI. Plz tel me about the latest position.

  214. KHAN's says:

    MUftis Nay Islam k nam pr masoom logo or bawaon ky pasy harp kr gy. kuch raqm talban ko dy diey or kuch aaps may bant kr kha gay. “Allha ki lathi by awaz hoti hy”. us ky nam pr khay gay pason ki saza wo kuhd dga iss dunya may or akhtrt may bi. us ky samny sirf wo bra hy jis ky aamal achy hian, Chay wo mufti ho ya common man.

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